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Bird Watching

Pilanesberg National Park is one of the best places for birding. Over 350 species have been recorded in the park and in a birder could record up to 100 species in winter and plenty more in summer including both migrant and permanent species.

Pilanesberg National Park - Bird Hide

One of the Hides at Pilanesberg National Park

The transition zone between the dry Kalahari and the wetter lowveld region brings with it a unique mix of birds with Red-eyed Bulbus co-habiting with Black-eyed Bulbuls . Many other such fascinating habitations are visible throughout the reserve but it isn't limited to only bird species but also to other animals and plants.

Bird watching in a big-5 game reserve does have it's draw back. The biggest of these is that you cannot leave your vehicle. This leaves very few places where one can casually sit and watch birds. The best birding is done in the campsites (if you are overnighting), picnic spots and the numerous, well maintained bird hides dotted across the park. Another drawback is the popularity of the park over weekends which makes it difficult to stop the car and watch a particular habitat for any period of time since other vehicles are constantly passing by. The hides also tend to be rather noisy over weekends. The best time is to go birding during the week and at the same time to spend 2-4 days at Pilanesberg National Park.


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