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Game Viewing

The transition zone formed between the dry Kalahari and the wetter lowveld (bushveld) has brought with it an interesting mix of fauna and flora. Here the Red-eyed Bulbul which usually occurs in dryer areas shares it's habitat with the Black-eyed Bulbul which are

Pilanesberg National Park - Zebra

Zebra at Pilanesberg National Park

usually found in moist, eastern areas. Similarly Impala are found cohabiting with Springbuck and the Camel-thorn sharing it's habitat with the Cape chestnut. Pilanesberg National Park is indeed and interesting place. Add to that 188km of roads which criss-cross the reserve and you have a splendid Sunday outing.

Pilanesberg National Park boast a wide diversity of animals including 50 large mammals, 354 bird species,65 reptile species and 18 amphibian species. The `Big 5` can also be seen in the reserve. Pilanesberg National Park also offers some of the best scenery in South Africa and the park is dotted with many view points throughout the reserve. Many lodges around the reserve offer guided game drives and night drives. Be warned, in winter it can get very cold on a game drive, specially at night.

Game Viewing Tips

The Pilanesberg national Park is host to many creatures and all are equally important. Please keep a lookout for tortoises, chameleons, millipedes & locusts on the road and avoid them. Also keep a close lookout for dung beetles near fresh dung deposits as they roll away balls of dung and do not drive over fresh dung deposits as dung beetles will be busy feeding and making dung balls.


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